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  • We manufacture Diaries, Calendars, Greeting cards and Wedding Invitations under our own brand. These products are marketed throughout Bangladesh.
  • We also execute customized assignments for a host of corporate clients, advertising agencies, publishers and retail houses across the globe, delivering everything from design to print under one roof.
  • The corporate sector is emerging as a critical player in bangladesh development process. Given this scenario we understood we had to live up to new expectations from society, one of which relates to the impact of our activity on the environment.
  • Environmental implications of bangladesh industrialization process indicates that pollution has been rising steadily with, and often faster than, the growth in the industrial production.
  • Business and the environment, traditionally seen as divergent issues, are steadily coming closer driven by the rising scale and intensity of environmental pressures and society’s changing expectations. This convergence of business and concerns about sustainable development has led to changes in our response to environmental pressures.

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