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Development without harm is what we’ve always stood for. We strive to minimize wastefulness and hold it as an ever-moving goalpost that we work towards.


We provide our employees with a safe and positively charged work environment. The pillars of our work culture are mutual respect, teamwork, approach ability and fairness. We uphold a strong work ethic and reward employee initiative.


We embark on all our projects making sure our clients know that they are valuable members of the team. They are consulted and updated at each stage of the assignment.


Being legally fair to all stakeholders associated with us.


Each customer’s brief is unique and we adopt a customized approach to every printed solution we generate.


We have incorporated a strong sense of accountability into our management policies. Loyalty and clear moral values are our guiding lights.


  • Deliver Customer delight through ‘On Time in Full’ of the right Quality. Serve our customers with humility.
  • Use data in decision making and arrive at Root Cause, in problem solving and improvement programs.
  • Follow processes and practices in a disciplined manner and continuously improve their performance.
  • Set high targets for oneself. Eliminate defects and delay. Practice zero tolerance to carelessness, negligence and indiscipline. Make PrintLeaf Solution a High-Performance Organization.
  • Show speed in decision making, recovery planning and escalation of issues until they are resolved.
  • Finally, but most importantly, cut all forms of waste and costs, the customer does not pay for.
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